Our History

In early 2001, George Young recognized that automobile preventive maintenance and repairs are a serious financial burden to many local families. Single parents, senior citizens on limited income and others experiencing financial difficulty sometimes must choose between getting the car repaired or buying groceries. He saw the opportunity to spread God's Word through love in action.

George heard about a church near Harrisburg that was using volunteers to provide minor auto repairs and services to needy residents. He felt that a similar program would help families in need in Carlisle. He presented the idea to the members of Bethany Evangelical Church, and the "His Hands Auto Repair Ministry" was born.

The first Saturday of each month was designated as a work day. The work was performed by experienced and novice volunteers from the church in private garages or homes. All work was supervised by experienced mechanics.

As the ministry grew, clients were referred through local ministries and churches. We soon had more work than we could handle. It was obvious that we had to look beyong our church for volunteers and financial support.

Our Work

Our goal is to provide quality non-emergency service [regular maintenance] to eligible clients who have a vehicle. State inspections are also available to the general public.

Our Needs

Our biggest need is for long-term financial assistance. In order to fully support our client base we need a regular source of income that we can count on. We must look to the Lord for guidance in obtaining these resources.

We can always use donated vehicles. If you have a vehicle you can donate, or if you know of someone who does, phone us at 717-258-5483. We are not interested in "for parts" cars, only vehicles that can be made fully useable with a reasonable amount of effort. We also accept good quality tools if they are in workable condition.

We also need YOU. We would like to complete the repairs to donated and customer vehicles in a timely manner. If you can help we ask you to consider joining our team. If you are unsure of your mechanical abilities you can work with one of the more experienced volunteers. There are also non-mechanical things that need done such as washing and cleaning cars, going for parts or tools, setting up for or cleaning up after work days, etc. SEE THE VOLUNTEER PAGE FOR DETAILS

If donating your time is not an option, please consider financial support which is equally important. Auto parts are expensive and while we ask those clients who can afford it to at least pay for the cost of parts, there are many who simply cannot afford to pay.

Will you come and help us spread the Good News of Jesus through this awesome opportunity? You can enjoy Christian fellowship and fine-tune the skills God gave you. All your help will be greatly appreciated.

May God Bless you and yours in all you do.